Guy W. Wilson Award for Excellence in Academic Advising

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Penn State Behrend established the Guy W. Wilson Award for Excellence in Academic Advising in 1982 to encourage and reward excellence in academic or research advising by faculty members.

Advising is multifaceted. An adviser may help a student with a research project or more traditional advising issues.

Traditional academic adviser's roles are to:

  • Help the advisee understand the nature of the University's academic programs and the expected standards of achievement and likelihood of success in certain areas of study.
  • Discuss the educational and career objectives suited to the advisee's demonstrated abilities and interests.
  • Help the advisee to plan a course of study and provide advice about courses and the adjustment of course loads, including prerequisites for subsequent courses in the advisee's program.
  • Help the advisee follow appropriate University procedures and to understand their purposes.
  • Participate in the professional development provided by each college to keep informed and current.

Please refer to Undergraduate Advising Handbook for more information on faculty members' advising responsibilities.

Eligibility: Consideration for this award is given to any full-time faculty member who has completed two years or more of continuous full-time service at Penn State Behrend as of the judging date. Previous recipients are ineligible for a period of five years. Recent recipients of this award include: Jodie Styers (2019), Lena Surzhko-Harned (2020), Michael Naber (2021), Ihab Ragai (2022), and Carol Putman (2023).

Nomination Procedure: Any member of the student body, faculty, alumni, administration, or an officially chartered student organization may nominate someone for the award.

Nomination Deadline: Nominations must be submitted by March 1, 2024.

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