Benjamin A. Lane Outstanding Service Award

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The purpose of this award is to encourage and reward outstanding service to the college by a faculty or staff member. The award recognizes service "beyond the call of duty" that contributes to excellence inside or outside the classroom. The award was first presented in 1986.

Eligibility: Any faculty or staff member who has been employed by the University for at least two years as of the judging date is eligible. Previous recipients are ineligible for a period of five years. Recent recipients of this award include: Christopher Fox (2019), Jane Ingold (2020), Jennifer Anderson (2021), Ken Mason (2022), and Jessica Skelton-Wolfe (2023).

Nomination Procedure: Any member of the student body, faculty, staff, administration, or an officially registered student organization may sponsor a nominee for the award.

Nomination Deadline: Nominations must be submitted by March 1, 2024.

Selection Procedure: The selection of the recipient will be made by a College committee of seven, consisting of the Chancellor of the College as Chair, three faculty members and two students appointed by the Chancellor, and the Director of Student Affairs.

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